Abc of an Illuminator—annual course

A one-year course entitled “ABC of an Illuminator” is available for beginners in the field of manuscript painting.


During the course, students learn the craft of a medieval miniaturist, in practice. During the classes they see how the painted decoration of the manuscript is created, step by step. They learn how to draw a contour line according to the motto “the line must live”. We see how the illuminators designed their miniatures. We learn the recipe for medieval adhesive, how to apply different pigments and how to apply them to obtain their full potential of shades. The students learn about details such as borders, initials, plants, robes, faces and other elements that make up the composition of the miniature. They get to know different writing materials, i.e. parchment and paper. We also cover the most difficult of the illuminator’s skills, that is gilding with gold leaf.


The practical classes are accompanied by a series of fascinating lectures by Dr Magdalena Łanuszka, which will introduce the students to the colourful history of manuscript painting.


The classes are in polish.  Applications to this year edition are closed. Check out our new cours in ENGLISH:

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