Apprenticing with a master—advanced group

These are advanced classes in manuscript painting and calligraphy.


Throughout the year we will be apprenticing with the greatest masters of the medieval manuscript book.

At each session we will deal with different iconographic, calligraphic or specific technical problem that we encounter when making a medieval miniature. The topic of the classes will be introduced by lectures given by Dr Magdalena Łanuszka and Barbara Bodziony.


Classes are conducted in two groups:


  1. Weekend classes, once a month from October to June.
  2. Morning classes on Wednesdays.


Examples of topics in the classroom:


Medieval knighthood: customs, duties, tournaments, and love.

At sea, on the river, on the lake; in a boat, on a ship, under sail—WATER on medieval miniatures.

Grisaille—miniatures made in a monochromatic technique giving an illusion of three-dimensionality.

Christine de Pisan—a medieval feminist and the role of women in the Middle Ages.

“Life on the margins”, or scenes from the margins of manuscripts…

LABORA—depictions of the work of medieval craftsmen.




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