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  • Unusual Antiphoner—as part of the “Duchowe koło kultury” programme—20 July 2018


Together with Marta Sztwiertnia and Brother Michał Gronowski, we were guests of editor Anna Łoś. We talked about the creation of a book, history and the unusual Antiphonary of Abbot Mścisław from the Treasury of the National Library\


  • Ewa Landowska and Barbara Bodziony on the book Piękna Litera in programme Krakowskie Przedmieście—9 August 2017


Together with Ewa Landowska we were guests of the editor Łukasz Wojtusik, and discussed the book Piękna Litera,Ewa-Landowska-i-Barbara-Bodziony-o-ksiazce-Piekna-litera


  • The art of laying beautiful letters, in the programme Nocna zmiana—9 June 2017


I was a guest of Marcin Makowski in the Nocna zmiana programme. We held a conversation about the Middle Ages, calligraphy, beautiful writing and, of course, about Piękna Litera. Enjoy!




  • Guest of the Day—20 July 2018, TVP Kraków


Together with Marta Sztwiertnia, the head of the Benedictine Institute of Culture, we talked about the Calligraphy Festival.

For centuries, in the monastery scriptoria, monks carefully copied books passing on to us the legacy of their epoch as well as the legacy of antiquity. In many monastic scriptoria, this work continued uninterrupted until the era when manual writing was gradually replaced by printing. The Tyniec Monastery was the first in Poland to bring back to life the forgotten craft of calligraphy and illumination, thanks to the Scriptorium workshops run by Barbara Bodziony for 10 years. Thanks to this initiative, this discontinued tradition has become present in the abbey again. In 2018, we wanted to recall the contribution of the monasterial scriptoria to European culture by organizing the Year of the Book in the Tyniec Abbey.


  • Books under special supervision—12 September 2015, TVP KRAKÓW


As a teacher of calligraphy and illumination workshops, I appeared in an episode devoted to, among others, the monastery library in Tyniec.

In the program, the authors present the most interesting collections found in Polish libraries, which are not available to the average reader on a daily basis. Apart from unique books, rare manuscripts, maps, the oldest prints, old photographs, valuable graphics and book plates are also kept there. The creators invite you to travel around Poland along the trail of valuable collections, which are often closely connected with local history and culture.


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