The Calligraphy textbook Beautiful Letter

The Calligraphy textbook Beautiful Letter (polish: Piękna Litera) was written on the initiative of my friend Ewa Landowska. She invited me to write a calligraphy textbook with her, which turned into a multi-volume project.

Piękna Litera is a response to numerous enquiries about textbook and book materials that we have encountered since the beginning of our educational activity. At that time, such books seemed only to be published abroad, and two, maybe three were translated into Polish, even then not fully meeting the needs of those wanting to learn calligraphy. Piękna Litera was created primarily for those who want to learn calligraphy but cannot participate in a course. The curriculum is based on our educational experience.


Volume I, which appeared in 2016, discussed two hands: Ewa Landowska presented italics and I wrote about uncial. Both styles are relatively easy to learn and therefore ideal for those who come across calligraphy for the first time.


In volume II (2018) we decided to present styles that in the history of writing are in a sense a continuation of those from the first volume, that is the Carolingian minuscule as a continuation of the uncial (ed. by B.B.) and copperplate script, as a continuation of the italics (ed. by E.L.).


The volumes to come will present further hands. Piękna Litera is, therefore, a multi-volume textbook, from which an attentive reader is not only able to learn how to calligraph a chosen hand, but also how it developed over the centuries.


The book’s layout was designed by Monika Wojtaszek-Dziadusz. The result was an extraordinary book—our dream to make a calligraphy book came true in a beautiful way. Our joint effort was rewarded. Piękna Litera won a distinction in the 57th Polish Association of Book Publishers competition for the Most Beautiful Books of the Year, 2016.


You can read more about Beautiful Letter on the website

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