Articles on pigments and dyes in the quarterly Iluminacje

Articles on pigments and dyes in the quarterly Iluminacje


I work on miniatures on a daily basis and I use techniques applied by the illuminators of manuscript books, as far as possible. Looking at the preserved manuscripts, we often admire the brightness and freshness of the colours we see. I used to wonder what pigment the illuminator used in a particular miniature and where the colour came from, which led me to a search for literature on medieval dyes and pigments. It is a huge and extremely interesting subject.


In the years 2012–2016, I had the pleasure to write a series of articles for the then quarterly: “Iluminacje”, on pigments and dyes used by illuminators. In the next cycle, I planned to discuss gilding in book painting. One article from this cycle was published in 2016.


2012/4—Królewska purpura / Royal Purple


2013/1—Paleta iluminatora: mina, smocza krew i karmin / An Illuminator’s Colour Palette: Minium, Dragon’s Blood and Carmine


2013/2—Paleta iluminatora: cynober, Vermillon, ochra czerwona i kraplak / An Illuminator’s Palette: Scarlet, Vermilion, Red Ochre and Madder Lake


2013/3–4—Paleta Iluminatora: Lapis lazuli – błękitne złoto / An Illuminator’s Palette: Lapis Lazuli—The Blue Gold


2014/1—Paleta iluminatora: inne barwniki niebieskie / An Illuminator’s Palette: Other Blue Pigments


2016/1—Biel w palecie iluminatora / White in an Illuminator’s Palette


2016/2—Zielenie w palecie iluminatora / Greens in an Illuminator’s Pallet


2016/3—Żółcienie w pracowni iluminatora / Yellows in an Illuminator Workshop


2016/3—Wyklepywacze złota, czyli jak z dukata zrobić 147 płatków złota / Gold Pounders, or How to Make 147 Gold Leaves out of a Ducat


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