Calligraphic theses for the film “Martin Luther. The Idea that Changed the World”

In 2015, Cracow and other Polish cities formed the backdrop of a biographical film about the famous Church reformer, Martin Luther.

This British-American production was commissioned by the American public television station, PBS.

The film was also shot in the Tyniec monastery.


I was asked to make a calligraphic document for this production that would include the 95 theses that Luther nailed to the door of the castle cathedral.


As well as making the document, which we can see in the film, I also had the pleasure of giving individual classes to the Irish lead actor, Padraic Delaney. Because there are scenes in the film where Martin Luther writes with a goose quill, the actor wanted to acquire some experience before shooting these scenes. We had goose quill writing classes in Tyniec. Padraic Delaney proved to be an amiable and capable student.


You can watch a trailer for the film here:

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