Grunwald—staging the battle

Every year in July, as part of the Grunwald Days celebrations, a reconstruction of the Battle of Grunwald takes place.

It was one of the largest battles in the history of medieval Europe (in terms of the number of participants), fought on the fields near Grunwald on 15 July 1410, during the great war between the Teutonic Order and the combined Polish and Lithuanian forces.


It is an event that attracts many history lovers, especially those with a passion for the Middle Ages, who recreate this era. Every year, during the reconstruction of the battle, a huge knights’ camp is created on the fields of Grunwald, where for a few days the participants live as closely as possible to the style of medieval times. There is also the craftspeople’s area, created in the centre of the camp for a few days. Among white tents you can meet an armourer, potter, rope maker, tailor, shoemaker, purse maker, glazier, goldsmith, horn maker, carpenter, and many others.


For four years, we have been going to Grunwald, where we exhibit our arts and crafts on the stalls of the illuminator and calligrapher. This is a great opportunity to share our passion for manuscripts in a very direct way. We tell the visitors about our craft by showing them the materials we work on, and inspire them with the beauty of hand-made calligraphy and amazing illuminated ornaments.


You can find us near the stands where the knights’ battle shows take place.


See you in July 2019!


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