History of Initial – annual course in english

A series of monthly workshops in manuscript painting combined with lectures.

A one-year course entitled “ HISTORY OF INITIAL ” is available for eanglish- speaking beginners in the field of manuscript painting.


The initial is the most original and fascinating “invention” of medieval illuminators. It soon ceased to have just a practical function, i.e. marking an important place in the text and began a “career” of its own that has continued to this day. Emancipating itself to some extent from the text, it began to play a decorative role, occupying more and more space on the page, sometimes losing readability of forms to their beauty. Over time, the initial also became the frame for a story absorbed from the miniature into the internal space or the body of a letter. Every era of book painting and every scriptorium has developed its own recognizable style of decorating initials.


Dr Magdalena Łanuszka ( www. leads us through this fascinating story during her lectures.

During the course , students learn the craft of a medieval miniaturist, in practice. We learn the recipe for medieval adhesive, how to apply different pigments and how to apply them to obtain their full potential of shades.


9  SESSIONS  (4 houres each) on  Sandays 2020-21


All the sessions take place at 23/9 Siemiradzkiego Street in Cracow

GROUPE A: on Sundays, 3:00pm – 7 :00 pm

GROPU B: on Mondays

Prize: 1500 zł (supplies are all included)

deposit of 800 zł is due to reserve your place by 25th of Octobre



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