I'm one of those fortunate enough to love what she does for a living. I graduated from Jagiellonian University with an Art History degree. While writing my masters thesis on a medieval manuscript, I had the rare opportunity to seen umerous medieval manuscripts up close. But never in my life would I have pictured myself working as a scribe. After graduating in 2002 I moved to France. While searching for miniatures on the internet I stumbled across The Angers' Institut and at first couldn't believe it was real! Still, the Europeen Superior Institut of Illuminations and Manuscrips turned out to be a regular, serious establishment. The Angers' Institut was created by the most incredible people I've ever met: Mr Petit, its first headmaster, and Mrs de Mochy who has been in charge of the school for a long time. The Institut's humble building conceals an amazing interior : a Scriptorium imbued with the spirit of medieval times. When I become a student of the Institut I got into the spirit of being a scribe with the greatest of pleasure...

For two years we were taught how to write in different calligraphic styles, how to make our own ink and how to cut feathers into functional quill pens. We also had lessons, art history lectures and a handbook binding course.

Step by step we were led through the arcane art of medieval illuminations. We were shown how to make exact replicas of different miniatures, we learnt about pigments and binders, about the meaning of colours in the Middle Ages, gliding techniqes and all the secrets of the craft.

After two years of study I presented my own artistic work before the jury and was awarded a diploma in medieval illuminating.